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The tech support guy that I spoke with--I wish I could remember his name--nailed it with the solution to my problem with the programmable thermostat I had installed with my radiant floor. He listened very carefully to my description of the problem and knew immediately what was needed to fix it. He guided me through the repair of the thermostat over the phone, and I was up and running in less than 10 minutes. Thanks for the great help!!

July 21, 2022

Great customer service!!

R. G. | Linville, NC

Great customer service!!

July 18, 2022

Great online support

Norb P. | ,

Jeff provided clear instructions and advised what next steps should be taken given the response from the system. He followed that up with written instruction and then followed that up with an email asking about progress. Very good service.

April 18, 2022

March 31, 2022

Anatoliy, Scott, and Jeff for their help. We purchased a house with a WarmlyYours heated sun room floor that was improperly installed. With their help, we now have a much better operating system.

March 28, 2022

A very satisfied customer

John M. | St. Louis, MO

New controller is installed and working perfectly. We have toasty warm kitchen floors again!! Appreciate the follow up. Gotta tell ya, am really impressed with the tech support I received and how fast I was able to get the replacement thermostat. You guys got it going on!! Thanks again

January 31, 2022

nSpire Thermostat

Dick K. | Sunriver, OR

I like the new thermostat we purchased, but am most impressed by WarmlyYours' technical support. When we first encountered a problem with our old thermostat, and again when I installed the new one, the technical support was available after hours and on a weekend. They claim 24-7 support and they delivered. In both cases they were knowledgeable support personnel who provided the help needed. The wait time for a tech on both occasions was just a few minutes and again, this was outside of normal business hours. There was also a follow up email to ensure that all of my support needs had been satisfactorily addressed. My experience with this company has been unusually pleasant!

January 19, 2022

January 13, 2022

Spoke w several techs, all were cheerful, helpful, seemed to know their “stuff”. Problem was easily resolved once the problem was properly identified.

December 13, 2021

Great stuff!!!

Bryan B. | Rensselaer, IN

Happy wife, happy life! We just did a remodel Laundry/Mud Room, Bath and Office. Wife loves coming in from the cold taking off shoes and having a warm floor to stand on. Simple as putting a 3' x 8' mat in our walk area in laundry room makes a world of difference for heating. This room "did" not have a heat source. House built in 1888. So far we have noticed the cost of electric is negligible for the extra warmth. Since we remolded and decided to put WarmlyYours under our tile in the Laundry and a few added sealants, we are toasty. We also installed a mat in the Shower. (Wow!) Also, get the WiFi thermostat, you will enjoy. Next is the Living room and Kitchen. Great customer service and technical service. Like any time you call tech service. You may have to wait a bit. But patience, we only spent like under 5 minutes with the tech and had our questions answered. Shout out to Jenn W, always prompt to call back or e-mail. We had to get a new thermostat and within two days, we had, installed and returned. Last but not least. Veteran or Arm Forces discount! God bless WarmlyYours. They love the heroes that serve and have served this great country.

December 08, 2021

Five Star product & service!

Fran G. | Anchorage, AK

WarmlyYours helps us to continue to enjoy warm feet especially during winter in Alaska!

December 07, 2021

Great Customer service

Jim C. | Grayslake, IL

our original Thermostat stopped working. Was easy to replace and get our floor back on with WarmlyYours customer support. !!

December 02, 2021

Super helpful

Anonymous | Canton, MI

Super helpful

December 02, 2021

Excellent support

De C. | Oshkosh, NE

Your staff was very helpful and friendly. I enjoyed working with your support staff.

November 15, 2021

Amazing support

John R. | Toronto, ON

Very pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service. Will definitely use wy for my next project. Thank you!

November 15, 2021

Great service

Donald H. | ,

Thanks for getting back to me with the solution. I had reset the GFIs but didn’t think about circuit breaker until you mentioned it. Thanks again

October 06, 2021

September 14, 2021

Huge help!!

Kueq J. | ,

Chris helped me to solve my thermostat problem. He explained me very nicely when I was in frustrated situation. Thank you so much for all his support!!

September 09, 2021

Great Support

Ted R. | Winnipeg, MB

Great support and very helpful. Called after business hours and it was very quick!

August 07, 2021

Technical support was great

Anonymous | Farmington, NM

Technical support was great

July 27, 2021

Best support I've ever received!

Marsha J. | Lawrence, KS

I had great support when I contacted WarmlyYours to see about replacing a defective switch on my towel warmer. I was educated about how to tell if it was the switch or the unit itself. Thankfully it was the switch and I was able to replace it. Unfortunately, it soon developed a problem with the unit. A follow up email had been sent by Anatoly to make sure everything was working ok and I was easily able to call him and go over the new problem. This time it couldn’t be repaired. I was offered a half price replacement which I felt was more than fair as I had owned the unit about 6 years and have used it nearly every single day! Thank you, WarmlyYours 😊

May 28, 2021

Anatoliy was very helpful at getting the solution to my problem. Very patient and followed up over 18 months. AND HE GOT IT FIXED> THANK YOU

May 17, 2021

Warmth on my feet

Anonymous | Santa Barbara, CA

I love my heated bathroom floor. One day it suddenly stopped heating. Spoke with a technician to inquire why my heated floor wasn't heating. Thermostat showed numbers but wasn't responding to settings. I was told it could either be the thermostat or the heating element in the floor and a link as well as an instruction sheet were sent to me via email to make this determination. However, both were beyond my limited experience and understanding of electricity and would require an electrician from my end. If an electrician had to be hired to make that determination and it was the thermostat that needed replacement, I'd have to wait to receive the replacement thermostat, then make another appointment with the electrician, thus incurring the cost for two visits from the electrician. After 3 conversations I opted to purchase the thermostat and have an electrician come in one time only, taking the risk that it was the thermostat and not the flooring. It took several interactions with the company before being told that the most likely scenario was a malfunctioning thermostat. I would have preferred having that likelihood communicated from the beginning. As it turned out, it was the thermostat, everything is working fine and I'm still loving my heated bathroom floor.

May 03, 2021

Answered all my questions and said that if I have any problems in the future, to call for help.

April 27, 2021

March 22, 2021