Ditra Heat selling points including DITRA-HEAT-TB


How do we compare to Ditra Heat?  Can WarmlyYours heating cable be used with Ditra Heat membrane?  What about DITRA-HEAT-TB?

The DITRA-HEAT-TB thermal break was tested according to the ASTM C518 “Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal Transmission Properties by Means of the Heat Flow Meter Apparatus” and determined to have an R-value of 0.35. 

*Ditra heat offers Crack resistance

Yes, but CeraZorb has a ¼” crack suppression AND it insulates AND it is thinner (3/16”)

*Ditra heat offers Customizable heating zones

NOT unique Our cable can be installed at 3" or 4" spacing to make areas warmer or cooler.

*Ditra heat offers Minimum Height

--Do you ALWAYS need decoupling?  Not all the time.  Ditra is adding a ¼” or more height when it may not be needed.  (1/16” to an 1/8” to secure the membrane, ¼” membrane. That would be close to a ½” added height. 
)  This is wasted height when an anti-fracture membrane isn't needed.

*DITRA means Quick and Simple Installation

No. Both modified and unmodified thinset are required, more time mixing, and more waste. NO thermal break.  WarmlyYours offers simpler install, less waste, less time, and an insulated more efficient system when using CeraZorb (single step install method).  A Ditra floor can be done in one day, just as a single step install of WY EFH.

*DITRA has a very poor warranty.  They will, “pay an amount not to exceed the original square foot cost of the installation of the floor covering assembly verified to be defective.” If one square inch is defective, they are only obligated to pay for one square inch of their product and the materials directly above the failure. They can substitute non-matching materials to repair the area of floor that is pulled up. NO installation costs are covered, meaning ALL labor is the responsibility of the homeowner.

"shall be to a) reinstall or replace the failed portion of the floor covering assembly or b) pay an amount not to exceed the original square foot cost of the installation of the floor covering assembly verified to be defective. Floor covering assembly is defined to include all DITRA-HEAT materials (e.g., matting and heating cables), non-reusable flooring surfaces, and the appropriate setting and grouting materials.  Further, due to conditions beyond the control of Schluter®-Systems (e.g., color and shade availability, discontinuation, normal wear and tear), Schluter®-Systems cannot guarantee or warrant an exact match to the specific tile, stone, or other flooring materials used in the installation. In such events, substantially similar materials may be substituted."

*Ditra has 3-4 MONTHS of heating cable experience  

Warmly Yours has 15 YEARS experience.

*Ditra heat requires ditra membrane and cable on every job. Their jobs cost more per square foot and isolation is not needed on every job.

*DITRA does NOT offer:

-FREE SmartPlan Design
-Online Design Tools

-SmartFit Measuring Service 

-HomeSet and PreSet Thermostat Programming Service

-24/7 Technical Support
-Unbeatable No NonSense Warranties
-Same Day Shipping
-No Restocking Fees

Can our cable be used with Ditra Heat membrane?  

Installers can use our cable or any cable that is thinner than the Schluter cable. Our cable is much thinner than theirs, so our cable will not be captured by the ridge in the upper part of the membrane that holds their cable in place. To use our cable, just hold it in place at the beginning of the cable run and at the very end of the run with a bit of tape. That way the cable will be snug in the membrane and won’t come loose.

Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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