Towel Warmer Temperatures


Towel Warmer Overheating/operational temperatures


There is no internal thermostat on the Classic towel warmers.  
If the towel warmer is working continuously, the temperature won't rise to dangerous temperatures as long as there aren't too many towels on the frame.
Normal temperature without textile on it is around 122-131 F (50-55°c). with one towel on it ,it is around 149F (65 °c). It is suggested to put 2 towels, MAX on the unit to avoid overheating.  These temperatures aren't dangerous, but must be kept in mind when the unit is operational.   

UL standard: based on testing the unit at an ambient air temperature of 77F (25°C), the surface temperature should be a maximum of 158F (70°C), with one normal towel on the frame.
We suggest switching the unit OFF when not in use.

Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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