Radiant Panel Towel Bar Accessory


Which Warmly Yours radiant heating panels accept towel bars, and how many bars can be installed per panel?

Lava Radiant Heating Panels

The following towel bars are available in polished stainless steel finish only.

IP-BAR-LV-FLA (Lava 26“ Flat Towel Bar).


IP-BAR-LV-ROU-A (Lava 26“ Round Towel Bar).


             Size       Maximum

             250W    2 bars

             500W    2 bars

             750W    3 bars

           1000W    4 bars

Ember Radiant Heating Panels (Flex and Glass)

The following towel bar is available in anodized aluminum only.

IP-EM-ACC-BAR (Ember 24“ Flat Towel Bar).


            Size       Maximum

            300W    n/a

            500W    2 bars

            600W    2 bars

            700W    2 bars

           800W     2 bars


  1. Towel Bars cannot be used when mounted horizontally
  2. When using towel bars, the bottom towel will not be fully exposed to the panel
  3. For best towel warming results, place the towel bar and towel in the uppermost position

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