Electric Floor Heating under a Shower Floor and Bench

Video Transcript

Hello, today we're going to talk about putting electric radiant heat in the floor of your shower, not only the floor of your shower, but also the bench. We have a couple of different mats here that we're going to be installing into this shower. So when it comes down to doing the floor of your shower, we have different sized mats for standard size shower floors. So if you notice the drain is in the center of this, if you have an edge drain or a trough drain, you may not be able to use these prefabricated mats because these prefabricated mats actually have a 5 inch hole in the center that allows you to just place it right over the drain makes it very easy to install. If we take a look at this role, this role is designed specifically for being on the bench. There are a couple of different sizes for the different widths of the bench that you'll want to have. So if you're interested in doing your shower bench because when you sit down. It sure is nice to have something warm to sit on. You just lay it out, put it down and wire it back to the thermostat. What we're going to do next is we're going to get our sensor placed into the mat. So what we can see right now is we're going to go ahead and we've got the sensor wire about six inches in between the wires, the heating wires, and it runs into an open loop. All right, we have the wire down on the concrete base, we've covered it with one layer of thinset and then we've used another layer of thinset to get the correct pitch in here to make sure that the water drains down towards the drain. Wow does this bench feel nice and warm? Well, a lot of work has gone into the shower enclosure, but right now we have a nice heated floor and a nice heated bench inside the shower.

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