Factory Splice Install

In this video, we should you how to properly install the factory splice of a floor heating cable when using an underlayment.

Learn more about our TempZone floor heating cable here:

The factory splice connects the heating wire to the cold lead, which is then wired to the thermostat control. Because it is a ticker gauge than the rest of the cable, a notch must be made in the underlayment to accommodate it. Lay the factory splice on the underlayment where it will lay, trace the shape. Using a box cutter, carefully cut out the traced portion of synthetic cork (CeraZorb). Lastly, secure with masking tape once splice is positioned.

The same must be done for the factory end cap, which sits on the opposite end of the cable.

The factory splice and end cap must be completely embedded in thinset or self-leveling cement (SLC).

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