A Concord Carpenter Installs TempZone™ Flex Roll Twin Conductor

Electric Radiant Heating System Installation Guide


Instead of moving, many homeowners are opting to renovate their home with added luxuries —and that includes electric infloor heat. A floor heating system utilizing radiant heat can transform rooms like kitchens and bathrooms into a comforting, inviting spaces. Watch as Rob Robillard of AConcordCarpetner.com installs the TempZone Flex Roll radiant floor heating system.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Rob Robillard, Editor of AConcordCarpenter.com and also a remodeling contractor based out of Concord, Massachusetts. Research has shown that more and more people are choosing to remodel their homes as opposed to moving out or building new. That same research has indicated that people home owners, 50 years and older are choosing to stay in their homes through retirement, which means aging in place conditions and remodeling.

Along with that comes remodeling kitchens and bathrooms and trying not to tear apart this structures too much. Adding supplemental heat, one product I’ve come across is a product by WarmlyYours, to rate electric radiant heat mat. In this video, I’ll show how I install it, but more importantly I talk about radiant heating and why it’s so important to me as a remodeler. Let’s get started.

In this video, we’re installing your WarmlyYours product called the twin conductor roll. WarmlyYours is well-known for having the hottest radiant heat mats on the market, and it’s called the twin conductor roll because it has two wires at the beginning of the mat. Basically, this new system, it’s easier to layout and install the heat mats and is much, much easier to make the power connection. There’s no second connection or lead to have to return back to the thermostat from the far end of the mat.

With this single termination cable, you can layout your entire mat from start to finish and all the wires will be right where you started, right at the thermostat. The other thing that I’d like about this WarmlyYours mat, is that the cables are attached to the mesh mat with a tape adhesive, which really allows to remove and customize nice and easy. The WarmlyYours TempZone system is installed easily on the ceramic tile, natural stone, hardwood and other popular floor coverings. It delivers even heat throughout the floor, eliminating cold spots. What we’re doing here is securing the mat to the subfloor.

The subfloor is basically a cement underlayment board that we put down to accept ceramic tile. We’re using a combination of an electric stapler and duct tape to hold down the mats and any wires, so that we can then come back and use a latex thin set mortar to basically glue the mat down to the subfloor. Once that’s dries, we’ll then apply our tile on top of that. I’m a big fan of using the WarmlyYours products in my bathroom remodels. The science behind electric radiant floor heating is quite simple. The entire floor surface effectively becomes a low temperature radiator.

The WarmlyYours electric heat system delivers a full 15-watts per square foot of heat. Through heat transferred, basically the delivery of heat from the mat to the floor surface and objects in the room, and it does this through infrared radiation. From underneath, which in turn obviously warms the people and objects in the room. WarmlyYours floor heat is much more efficient and comfortable than heating the air, which never retains the heat for very long. Unlike forced hot air systems, underfloor heating systems warms the body and the objects, rather than heating the air and ultimately eliminating those inconsistent temperatures and cold spots.

Furthermore, it reduces the percentage of dust mites by 80%. As a remodeler, it’s a no brainer using this warmly floor heat mats. They’re easy to install. They do not significantly raise the floor height, and it gives the client a warm floor and supplemental heating source. One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that these mats are custom. They can be designed to fit a standard rectangle or they can be design to fit an L-shape, Z-shape, any shape you want, you just design the system. You send WarmlyYours the plan, and they’ll send you your mat.

The system that we’re installing today is going to be controlled via programmable thermostat. The client can program this thermostat any way she wants. For instance, she could turn it on an hour before she gets up in the morning, so that her bathroom floor is warm. Then program to turn off at when she leaves for work. Then again on before she either comes home or maybe goes to bed again. The beauty of this is that she only uses the electricity and the heat when she needs it.

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