Project Showcase Electric Floor Heating for a Kitchen Stouffville, Canada


This project features our TempZone Flex Roll floor heating system installed in a kitchen under tile flooring. With Canada's cold winters, this floor heating system is perfect for the heart of the home, the cooking and dining area.

Before getting started, be sure to test the system with a digital ohmmeter; you will also need to test the system before the flooring goes down and after it's done.

Clear the subfloor of debris before unrolling the floor heating mats. Cut and turn the mats as indicated on the installation SmartPlan. Secure the mat through the mesh with staples to the subfloor. Once everything is in place, a layer of thinset is spread on top as tiles are installed.

Once grout and thinset are cured, the control thermostat can be connected and the system powered on.

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