Project Showcase Heated Road and Driveway for Jain Society of Metropolitan Chicago

In this video, we show you the installation of one of our largest snow melt projects for the Jain Society Temple of Metropolitan Chicago. Our electric snow melt system is used to create a snow-free area for the road and driveway of the temple - making it easier to access all winter long.

This installation required several snow melt mats, providing full coverage of the 3500+ sq. ft. The area is broken up into two zones that can be controlled independently to help cycle the system.

The top layer of asphalt is removed from the existing road. A new base layer is poured before the snow melt mats are laid out according to the SmartPlan. The top layer of asphalt is poured as the mats are secured. The mats are connected in conduit along the side of the road, leading back to the central control area indoors. An in-slab sensor helps run the system by detecting moisture and temperature. A premium snow and ice melting control is used to operate the entire system from indoors.

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