TempZone™ Flex Roll Installation Guide Part 1 - Preparing Your Floor

In this first part of the installation guide for TempZone Flex Roll systems, we will go over how to prepare your floor for the heating system installation.


When you install your room's radiant floor heating, you'll want it to be placed with meticulous care for long-lasting results. Watch as a heating expert explains how to install a TempZone™ heating roll for floors. In the first video in the Flex Roll Installation Guide series, he explains, step-by-step, how to prepare and install these TempZone™ radiant floor heating rolls, as well as how to modify them to your specific room structure and shape. The video will also explain how to avoid any damages to your heated flooring during installation by implementing a warning system with thermostats and sirens. As you prepare to install your TempZone™ rolls for heated floors, consult the manual instructions for any questions you may have.

As is true for any time installation it's important that the subfloor be structurally intact. Guidelines and specifications set forth by associations such as the Tile Council of America, American National Standard, or the National Tile Contractors Association should be followed.

This will be your guide to installing the heating roll. It's important to verify the dimensions before starting and cutting into the roll. When you order a floor warming system, you will find a heating roll, a thermostat, a safety siren which is used to alert you of a fault during the installation, and an information packet containing your custom design, installation manual and warranty card.

A digital ohms reading is required to verify that the resistance of the wire matches up with the resistance identified on the roll's label.