Tips for Installing Floor Heating Cable with an Uncoupling Membrane

Phil Green, a flooring professional and authorized WarmlyYours installer, shows some practical and easy-to-use tips for properly installing electric floor heating cable with an uncoupling membrane. Combining floor heating cable with an uncoupling membrane as an underlayment is rapidly growing in popularity within the radiant heating industry because of the speed of installation and the long lasting uncoupling and crack isolation benefits that this combination extends to traditionally fragile flooring types like tile. 

How you doing. My name is Phil, today we got an opportunity. We're going to be using a Prodeso uncoupling membrane for a floor heat system along with WarmlyYours cable. Everything that you see right here comes in the box including actually the new touch thermostat. To make sure there's no band breaking dust on the floor. Just take a sponge and just do a quick wipe down before we even start setting thinset. OK we had the opportunity to pre-cut a few pieces

yesterday so that we can kind of back roll it so it lays down a little bit. So at this point, we're ready to set it with our thinset. We have a modified thinset we're using, so I'm just going to marke the edge of where this sheet is. And so we can thinset up to that. Thinset is a little looser than normal. So what we want to do is use the backside of the trowel to key it in and then we'll be using our notch side. We've got a quarter By quarter notched trowel. So I got a little roller here you could also use a float so that just in Embed the material. It's a great idea to pull back to make sure you get good coverage. There's some good coverage right there. One thing that's important to do is make sure that these waffles lineup because that's where the use for a A gauge for our cable. OK even though they're going to be putting in a great WarmlyYours Floor heat system they actually still want their floor register. So don't forget to cut out your floor register. Prodeso cuts real simple with a regular utility knife, find your corners. OK even though we're not going to have floor heat underneath our vanity that's our vanity footprint we still need the height. So we still need the underlayment. So we're just be able to cut these pieces. Sure that our floor is all on one level. 

OK just like with the floor register. Make sure that You don't cover up the toilet collar. Very simple. I change the blade so we get a nice sharp blade. Put a little x here so you can find the edge of the collar. And then it's just as a matter of wiggling around it One great service that WarmlyYours provides us. I sent them this little schematic and boom SmartPlan came back. This SmartPlan shows where my heated area will be This also shows of course my layout for my cable and it even marks the halfway point of the cable so I'll know right there if I'm right there. Then we're exactly right for the full layout so we won't have to pull the cable back or try to stretch. It's great service. Ok, Of course the next part of our system here we've got to Prodeso down. We're going to be putting in the TempZone cable system right here it actually has the ohm reading on here where I use a multimeter to make sure we check it before we start during our installation and then right after installation just before our tile, just want to give you a little FYI here. this cold lead can be cut. Of course, we had too much to get into that box so click that one's cut. But you can not cut any part of the cable system.

Alright, Now here's the fun part. OK we're going to follow our directions here on this piece of cardboard Is actually the footprint of our vanity. There's no reason to put on the for heat underneath our vanity. So it just gives us a nice area to be able to stay in front of. So it's real simple, so I'm using the float here to put in, come all the way down, and then we'll return. This is one thing that I kind of came up with. We just put a little stencil of cardboard here around our toilet footprint. We don't want to cable really go underneath the toilet. And so this gives us a nice way to be able to go around the toilet. Nice coverage. Nice warm on both sides. Just a little tip. Remember don't forget the sensor wire you a sensor where between a couple cables don't cross the cable hook it up to our thermostat.

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