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Electric Radiant Heating for a Variety of Floor Surfaces


Some surfaces of your home are naturally cold and require additional heating—and some you’d simply like to be a little warmer. At WarmlyYours, we can provide multiple in-floor heating systems for various types of floors. TempZone electric radiant heating is commonly used for a variety of surfaces, including wood, stone, tile and more. We also offer an in-floor electric heating system called Environ II for laminate and carpeted floors.

Video Transcript

Here at Warmly Yours we offer solutions for any type of surface that you would ever want to heat. We can heat wood, carpet, laminate, tile, stone, any application that you may have we’ll have a solution for you. Our most popular electric floor heating system TempZone is designed for installations under tile, stone and hardwood. Tile and stone are naturally cold so adding electric floor heating can really make a big difference. Remember, your customers are looking for comfort so offer electric floor heating to them when they are purchasing a new tile floor. Now one thing you may not be aware of, TempZone electric floor heating systems can also be installed in showers.

The low voltage version of TempZone operates at 24 volts so it is safe for use in showers and other wet locations. This TempZone heating system is installed safely under the shower floor. Now customers can enjoy the comfort of stepping onto a warm shower floor each and every day. A question we often get is can you install Warmly Yours electric radiant heat under hardwood floors? The answer is yes, absolutely. Warmly Yours has even received a gold star rating from Launstein, a manufacturer of hardwood flooring. Launstein tested Warmly Yours electric floor heating under hardwood in their test lab located in Michigan. The system was tested for nearly two years and Launstein awarded Warmly Yours a gold star rating for its performance under hardwood flooring.

Most hardwood floors work well with radiant heat, however, we always recommend checking with the hardwood floor manufacturer to make sure you are not voiding their warranty. Let’s talk now about Environ II. This new and innovative floor heating system was designed for easy installation under free floating floors like carpet and laminate. With laminate and carpet being so popular today, the Environ II is the ideal product for these applications. You just tape it over the padding so no cement is required, plus Environ II is so thin it remains virtually unnoticed when installed. Homeowners sometimes ask is it safe to steam clean their carpet when Environ II is installed? The answer is yes.

They can steam clean their carpets with a residential steamer without harming the heating system. Homeowners sometimes ask what happens to the system if I spilled water on my carpet? The Environ II is UL listed and perfectly safe even if there is a flood. Whether you’re installing a carpet product, laminate product, floating floor product or tile product, it doesn’t matter what it is, we have a 24, seven technical support line with top services in the industry to assist you with any questions you may have during your installation. We also realize that a lot of installations are going to happen after hours as well as on the weekends so we want to let you know that our technical support team is here to help you at any point in time to keep your project moving forward.

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