Sales Training 5 - Pricing Tools

Provide Accurate, Reasonable Pricing for Radiant Floor Heating Systems


If you have customers that are consider installing in-floor electric heat in their home, they can take comfort knowing this luxurious addition is cost affordable for spaces both small and large. Listen as Kerilyn, an electric radiant heating expert, explains in-floor heating costs, as well as how you can provide customers with a free price estimate.

Video Transcript

Video Talent: Kerilyn Merritt

Voice-over/Narration: Kerilyn Merritt

Hi, I'm Kerilyn from WamlyYours. I'm going to talk to you a bit today about getting pricing for your electric floor heating system. When pricing a project, it is important to remember that you don't need to heat the entire floor since you only warm where you walk. Understanding your heated coverage is important when pricing a system. Let's first look at a few room examples to see how this works.

Here is a bathroom that is 70 square feet measured from wall to wall. Remember, since you only heat the areas where you walk, you won't install floor heating under the vanity, toilet, tub, shower or other fixtures located in the bathroom. In this example, you will only be adding 35 square feet of flooring shown here in green, which is only half the overall room size.

Next, let's look at a kitchen that is 120 square feet when measured from wall to wall. Once again, because of the areas occupied by the cabinets, the island and other fixtures in the room that will not be heated, this room only requires 70 square feet of electric floor heating for the heated area. Even in the family room, you typically don't heat the entire floor. This living room is 150 square feet when measured from wall to wall. The floor heating system is installed about 4 inches to 1 foot away from each wall, so in this family room, you actually might only need 120 square feet of electric floor heating.

Now let's look at a few pricing examples to get an idea of the cost of a typical floor heating system. For an average sized bathroom, a floor heating system will cost between $400 and $800. An average kitchen will run between $800 and $1500. You can use these estimates to help qualify customers that are interested in adding floor heating to their project.

Now let's find out how you can get more exact pricing for your next electric floor heating project and give your customers an exact quote. There are several ways to get pricing. The first one is to use our quick estimate tool available at With the quick estimate tool, you will select the floor type for your project and then enter the square footage to be warmed. In this bathroom, the customer wants to heat a tile floor that is 5 feet by 6 feet for a total of 30 square feet. You would enter 30 in the space provided for square feet then click the okay button to get an instant quote online that even shows you a bill of materials to purchase.

The second way to get exact pricing is to use our fax or email service. All you need to do is provided us with a simple sketch of the room you want to heat. Just fax or email it to us. We will send you back a quotation and a custom installation plan. The Warmly Yours custom installation plans have been featured in both HD TV and The New York Times. They guarantee ideal coverage and show you exactly how your system is designed for an exact fit in your room.

If you don't have a floor plan, that's okay, too. You can simply use our online tool, my projects. My projects is an online room design tool that can give you instant quotes online. You simply draw your room, drag and drop your furniture and get an instant quote online. Based on your online drawing, my projects will work out automatically how much electric floor heat you will need. All of these pricing options are available when you log in to and click on get pricing.

Whether you want to use our quick estimate tool or fax and email service or online room design tool, it's easy to get a quote for electric floor heating. Go ahead, quote all your customers with electric floor heating. Perhaps the most effective method is to simply fax or email your drawing to get a quotation and custom installation plan overnight. It's an entirely free service, plus, the quote and custom installation plan will help you look professional and close more sales. Think about including a free quote and custom installation plan with your next flooring project. 

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