Warm States & Cold Tiles

Radiant Heat for Cold Tiles in Warm States


Even if you live in a location where it’s warm most of the year, you may still have reason to consider heated floors. If you use air conditioning a lot, or are just tired of experiencing colder-than-you’d-prefer tile floors, the solution is simple—use electric radiant heated flooring to make your home that much more luxurious. WarmlyYours is dedicated to offering all of our clients the very best, and that means offering a product that can improve their home’s comfort level, save them money on heating costs, and make their home feel even more inviting. In this video, learn more about why radiant heated floors are an ideal choice for your tiled floors, no matter where you live.

Video Transcript

Written by Kerilyn Merritt

Voice-over/Narration: Kerilyn Merritt

Electric Radiant Heat is the Best Fit For Comfortable Floors in Warmer States

When it comes to flooring, consumers overwhelmingly choose ceramic tile for its beauty and durability. Ceramic tile floors are #3 in floor covering sales in the United States, accounting for over $2 billion dollars in sales every year.

The most common concern ceramic tile or stone flooring is that it can be uncomfortable—cold to the touch at times, even in warmer climates. On average, a room’s ambient temperature is approximately 70˚F. However, studies show that most people agree that a floor temperature of 75˚F is ideal for barefoot comfort.

With radiant heat, you have the option of warming your tile and your toes without significantly affecting the ambient temperature of your home. This can be especially beneficial in geographical areas with warmer climates, where additional room heat–as well as the associated energy costs—is neither desirable nor necessary. Radiant floor heating can also help with energy and cost savings by providing the just the right amount heat where it’s needed most without adding extra heat to the entire home.

During the summer months, air conditioning is generally required to maintain comfortable room temperatures and reduce humidity. The cold air, however, can cause tile or stone flooring to become cold and uncomfortable to the touch. WarmlyYours TempZone™ Flex Rolls, Mats, and Cable heating systems take the edge off of chilly floors, quietly adding comfort to the floors of any room—bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more.

Families with young children especially appreciate radiant floor heating in their children’s bedrooms or playrooms, allowing the kids to happily play on the floor for hours on end, without having to dial up the thermostat and add extra heat to the whole house.

In addition, electric radiant heat has a fast reaction time. With radiant floor heating, tile and stone flooring is noticeably warm to the touch within one hour of operation--making radiant floor heating ideal for states where floor heating may only be needed for short periods of time, such as in the early morning or late in the evening.

Adding a WarmlyYours programmable thermostat to your floor heating system enables you to preset the system to ensure the floor is warmed to your comfort level when you need it most. And, on the flipside, the programmable thermostat allows you to turn down the temperature or turn off the floor heating system to save energy and money.

Radiant floor heating is a popular choice for homeowners in warm climates. Look at the numbers... Residential remodeling sales account for over 40% of the U.S. ceramic tile end user market share. And, historically, warmer states, like *California, have been one of the top markets for sales of radiant floor heating systems. So, go ahead and install that ceramic tile or stone flooring you fell in love with. Your WarmlyYours radiant floor heating system will make it feel just as good as it looks. Electric radiant floor heating is, indeed, the best fit for optimal comfort in warmer states.

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