Lincoln Park Smiles

Location CHICAGO, IL

Project Type Snow Melting

Room Type
Square Feet

Project Information

Imagine an office that is patient- centered, cosmetically oriented, and welcoming. Considering the common fear in society, a dentist office is most likely the last place that would come to mind, but at Lincoln Park Smiles, all fear is eased by comfort and hospitality.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Lincoln Park Smiles is a state-of-the-art facility that provides amiable atmosphere and helps you create your perfect smile. With 24- hour emergency service, Lincoln Park Smiles is dedicated to ensure that their patients have a healthy and welcoming experience.

Unfortunately, Chicago’s winter climate can be threatening and dangerous outside Lincoln Park Smiles, making it difficult to ensure safety and comfort for their customers. With the accumulation of snow and ice on the walkway outside the building, it becomes risky for those entering or leaving the office. This in mind, Dr. Jack Manikowski of Lincoln

Park Smiles, had WarmlyYours team with JM Industries to install WarmlyYours snow melting system.

With the help of Mark Boyer from JM Industries, WarmlyYours automatic snow- melt cable system was placed under the outdoor tile landing and steps, in order to eliminate snow and ice. Designed to install directly in concrete, asphalt, or in mortar beneath pavers, our snow melt- ing system ensures that the walkway and steps of Lincoln Park Smiles are com- pletely clear of snow and ice to guaran- tee safety.

After installing the snow melting system, Mark shares his experience working with WarmlyYours,

“Installing WarmlyYours products are always a dream! It is always easy to install and the customer support at WarmlyYours is fantastic. Chad Braker is very helpful and great to work with. All in all, WarmlyYours is just awesome!”

With Mark’s easy-going attitude and hard working hands, the installation of the snow melting system was a breeze. Not only did WarmlyYours and JM industries share an easy and enjoyable experience with this project, but also Lincoln Park Smiles now has the assurance of custom- er safety and warmth all winter long. 

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