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Bring Hotel Amenities And The Luxury Of A Spa Into Your Home Bathroom

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One of the joys of staying in a luxury hotel is experiencing the spa-like atmosphere of the bathrooms. Sinking into a soft terrycloth robe with fuzzy slippers to match and perusing the selection of toiletries are just some of the comforts made available by a hospitality staff that knows how to pamper its guests.

Home decorators who want to bring that spa experience to their own bathrooms can do it by accessorizing with luxury in mind, according to the DIY Network.

Luxurious wraps
Stock the bath with high-quality plush towels and take it a step further. Add a personal touch by monogramming them with the family name.

Warm over-sized bath towels on heated towel racks so there's a supply of warm towels at arm's reach when getting out of the shower or tub. Step onto a thick plush bath mat that absorbs the warmth from radiant floor heating so you're toasty from head to toe. 

Amenities on hand
Just as you enjoyed the amenities in your hotel suite, you can have a similar mix of toiletries and hair styling tools arranged in a basket or beautiful tray. Include bath salts, exfoliating soaps and high-quality hair products. Moisturizing creams, pumice stones and pedicure tools will round out the full spa experience.

Part of the relaxation that comes from luxurious hotel baths is the lack of clutter. Select a matching set of bathroom accessories for housing tissues, creams, toothbrushes, liquid hand soap and bar soaps. Keep a small jewelry box on the vanity counter to contain frequently worn pieces at hand.

Designer tips
To keep the spa atmosphere subdued, add a small table lamp to replace the harsh lighting from overhead or mirror fixtures. For lengthy soaks in the tub, be sure to include a neck pillow, a cushy tub mat for extra comfort and lots of candles.

Take a tip from designers who outfit hotel baths. White towels give any bath a crisp, clean look, but stocking linens in rich hues is the best way to introduce color into the decorating scheme. If the bath surround is wide enough to accommodate them, add some throw pillows in waterproof fabrics to soften the look in the bath with florals or other favorite patterns.

Using an outer shower curtain in a sumptuous fabric that is treated for moist environments is a final designer touch to make any bathroom feel like a luxury spa. Protect it with a waterproof liner to keep it looking fresh.

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