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Creating A Beach Inspired Bathroom With An Emphasis On Comfort

Creating a beach-inspired bathroom with an emphasis on comfort.

As one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, there's no sense in living with a bathroom decorative scheme that you just don't like. With countless design styles and trends out there to choose from, you can create a dynamic space that adheres to your sense of style and takes advantage of many cutting-edge and sustainable improvements.

If you're the kind of person who can't wait for a summer trip to the beach, this might be a theme you should incorporate into your redesigned bathroom. A beach-inspired layout will give you the freedom to work with bright hues and natural accents, while still incorporating modern features. There are many ways to turn your washroom into a refreshing and versatile space.

Maximize your use of light

By putting an emphasis on natural lighting, you can create a cheery and welcoming environment during any season. Start with a bright pastel or similar ocean-inspired paint color, and decorate your windows with light-filtering shades or blinds. This is ideal for bathrooms with glass walk-in showers, large ornate mirrors and other additions that can make the space feel much larger.

Beach accents

With your backdrop set, Better Homes and Gardens suggests incorporating a few seashell decorations to complete your aesthetic. One idea is to tie starfish and sand dollars to the top of your shower curtain - this looks best when placed against a darker shower curtain to allow the shells to jump out against the neutral backdrop. You can also simply put together a centerpiece for one of your countertops with small pieces of sea glass, seashells and other accents that remind you of the ocean.

Versatile flooring

Flooring is a major consideration in your redesigned space, so why not go for the gusto with radiant heating? Cork flooring has become increasingly popular in bathrooms and provides a low-impact surface and a versatile look that can pair with any décor. When using radiant floor heating, GreenFloors.com suggests using a type of cork that isn't directly connected to the underlying subfloor. This will minimize the effects of expansion and contraction that comes with temperature changes.

A beach theme is a wonderful choice for bathrooms, and there are countless ways to infuse your space with these natural accents while still incorporating many dynamic furnishings and features.

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