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Pro Blog: 5 Tips for Improving Business Blogs

Blogs are an important tool for business marketing. Publishing blogs for your business is a strategic way to engage your audience, but sometimes those blogs can become too technical. To better connect with your readers, consider personalizing your blogs by allowing readers to know more about the people behind them.

5 tips

If you currently write blogs for your business or are considering starting, here are some tips to for successful business blogging.

1. Build a Powerful Network

There are two secrets to creating a successful blog. First create substantial and relevant content and second, create a network and community of like-minded people who will share your content for you. Building relationships is crucial for blog success.

2. Grab the Reader’s Attention

A well-written opening paragraph for a blog post is essential to ensuring that your readers read the whole post and continue to come back to your site and read other blogs, week after week. Successful blogs have creative titles that will intrigue and touch the reader on a personal interest level.

3. Recruit Guest Bloggers

Having guest bloggers on your site allows them to not only promote themselves but also promote your business and blog community. Just be sure to check their content to ensure that it fits your business strategy and messaging.

4. Set up Google Authorship

Take advantage of Google Authorship. The process involves verifying your identity with Google as the author of specific posts. Google will favor authors who regularly contribute quality content. This should result in improved SEO and effectiveness of your biography.

5. Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly

There is an increasing popularity of mobile devices so make sure that your blog is mobile friendly. More and more readers are relying on mobile devices for their reading needs. Use this as an opportunity to grow your audience and cater to readers of your blog.

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