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Share Your Story: Adding Value to Home with Heated Floors

RADIATE Positivity is the WarmlyYours mantra. It’s all about being a positive force and influence in both life and work. Here at WarmlyYours, we believe that the word radiant goes beyond our heating products.  It is who we are.

Our most recent “Share Your Story” winner is from Calgary, AB, Kevin Moorman, who installed WarmlyYours TempZone™ Cut & Turn Rolls in his bathroom.

Take a moment to read their story:

“The WarmlyYours heated floor is terrific; it was really useful all last winter. The reason I chose the WarmlyYours product was because I saw a bargain at the Home Depot website on Red Flag Deals, it was an incredible buy and it just so happened at exactly the moment I was preparing to lay tile. 

So I bought the heated floor system and the heated floors really made the bathroom a lot more livable. I know that a system like this can add lots of value to the home, so I thought that I should make the effort to install it.

I was just speaking to a new friend about living in a home with heated flooring. I had only installed this in the upstairs bathroom, but it makes me think how great it would be downstairs in the basement where the bare cement really gets cold and uncomfortable.”

At WarmlyYours, we offer a radiant solution for any room in the home and every area of life indoors and out. From our radiant electric floor heating to our snow melting and gutter de-icing systems, we improve your quality of life with radiant warmth and comfort.

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