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Turning Your Sunroom Into Your Living Room For Autumn And Winter

Autumn fall foliage with sunlight

Not every home is lucky enough to be equipped with a gorgeous sunroom, but those that are find the space to be a semi-annual treat. While the summer glare can get this space overheated, it's perfect for winter lounging. In fact, many homeowners may want to consider making their sunrooms over into living rooms for the next two seasons. As the chilly fall winds settle in and then give over to a biting cold winter, what better space could there be than the room that lets you observe all that natural beauty while staying naturally warm!

If you're considering making over your sunroom into a living room for autumn and winter, you may want to take these suggestions into account.

1. Invest in cozy furniture
Your new living space is going to need plenty of cozy furniture to get you through the coming seasons. Whether you want to rearrange your living room's furniture in here or simply redesign your sunroom from the ground up, be sure that your sofas and armchairs focus on comfort and lounging. You'll also want to complement these with plenty of stylish furnishings. Think about a theme you'd like to adopt for your space - perhaps the sun, moon and stars, as your sunroom is sure to make for a great view of the sky each night as well - and seek out antique or vintage décor accordingly.

2. Consider constructing a window seat
While one of your sunroom's obvious advantages is all that natural light, it lets in much more than that. Be sure to enjoy your view and get as up close to it as possible. If you've always dreamed of having a stylish, cushioned window seat flush against the window, now may be the time to have one constructed. Imagine looking out on panoramic views of a blanket of gold and red autumn leaves or drifts of snow from the comfort of your own home.

3. Keep in mind other heating options to keep warm
Of course, you can rely on natural sunlight to keep your room warm throughout the fall and winter. For that reason, you may want to consider radiant floor heating as an excellent alternative heating source. Radiant heat systems fit right under the floorboards and use natural convection currents to keep a space warm. It's energy-efficient, but just as importantly is guaranteed to improve air quality over forced-air heat, which pushes just as much dust into the room's atmosphere as it does warmth.

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