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Bathrooms and Kitchens: Remodelers Best Friends

Although the housing market is slowly rebounding, many people currently do not want to go through the trouble of selling and finding another home. Instead, more homeowners are now choosing to remodel and...

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Share Your Story: Toasty Toes even on Marble Floors

We love the stories we receive from you! We feel like we are an integral part of your project and, consequently, even a part of your home in a way. Our mission is to learn by listening to you, our valued...

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Playful Uses Of Color That Can Revitalize Your Bathroom

Your bathroom will see a lot of use over the coming months as you begin to throw outdoor barbecues and summer cocktail parties. While your space may not need a major remodel, a few decorative touches here...

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Top 3 Opulent Bathroom Additions That Won't Break The Bank

As one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, your bathroom will see a lot of use over the coming spring and summer entertaining season. If you've been putting off the thought of remodeling your...

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Improving The Aesthetic Impact Of Your Bathroom Vanity

If you're remodeling your bathroom, sprucing up your existing vanity is probably the right way to go. As one of the main focal points of your bathroom, this furnishing is the first thing visitors see when...

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