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Staying Warm Through Fall And Winter In Your Basement Apartment

While most folks who call a basement or garden level apartment home have to admit they get a bit less sunlight, during the sweltering days of summer it's a perfectly fair trade for a naturally cooler...

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RRI Improvement Continues Through 2012

This entire year is continuing to shine with improvement in all areas of the remodeling industry! The Residential Remodeling Index (RRI) is showing an increase with remodeling and replacement activity this...

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Warm Up Your Bathroom With A Toasty Makeover

As the autumnal equinox approaches, temperatures will soon start dropping and fall and winter coats will need to be brought out of the closet. Soon, you'll be heating up your car before your morning...

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Give Your Master Bedroom A Sense Of Adventure With Exotic Interior Design

There's no question that sometimes the regular grind of the daily 9 to 5 isn't really made easier by an equally average bedroom. If you're tired of your same-old décor that feels as unoriginal as white...

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Plan Ahead For A Labor Day Thunderstorm

Most of the certainties in life are uncertainties - for instance, it's a sure thing that you can never trust a weather forecast. While predicted thunderstorms often pass by as perfect beach days,...

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