Kitchens and Bathrooms: Custom Comfort and Convenience by Design

More and more, homeowners are remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms for their own enjoyment rather than resale value. Exciting new design trends offer ways to create luxuriant spaces to meet your needs, as well as your wants.

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Home Improvement Spending Rises in 2013--Trends Include Radiant Heat

The improved housing market has given more homeowners the confidence to make major improvements in their homes, with investment in those projects reaching up to $150 billion by the end of 2013. Current design trends are leading homeowners to spend more on luxury items, such as custom shower options and heated flooring.

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With Radiant Heat Clearing The Entry, Doors Shine As The Gateway To A Home

A front door is the gateway into someone's home and should be in sync with the architectural style of the house. But function is also a big part of choosing the right door for a home, and the wide selection on today's market allows homeowners to select doors for style as well as practicality.

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