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Simple Decor May Bring Out A Home's True Character

Michigan homeowner Alli Michelle and her husband wanted to keep their home simple, but with a look that would stand out as unique among many houses in their neighborhood that tended to look alike. They...

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Large Living Rooms Don't Have To Be Stuffy To Have Classic Style

Achieving the right balance is particularly important in a large room . If there's too much space between furniture pieces, the room will have a chilly atmosphere. Push furnishings too close and the look...

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Think Outside The Box To Come Up With Unique Home Decor

Interior designer Melissa Alvarado Sierra once attached wallpaper in a patchwork print to a closet door. It not only tied into the colors elsewhere in the room, but created an instant focal point in an...

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Add Warmth In More Ways Than One To Family Dining Room

Too often, the dining room is nicely decorated, but not given the same welcoming feel that other rooms in the household have. With new emphasis on the importance of families taking time for dinner...

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Plan Period Furnishings Carefully To Accommodate Modern Needs

Like houses, some furniture pieces have "great bones." The construction is good, the style is just what you want, but the item will take loads of work to get it in the shape. If you know what to look for...

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