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Preparing For The Cold Weather With A Fireside Home Theater

As the crisp and blustery weather of early fall makes way for the first real frosts and early snow flurries of mid-November, you'll want to make some changes around the house - and probably spend a lot...

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Staying Cozy On Halloween Night

Having left trick-or-treating behind long ago, what's a parent to do once the kids are off to college or all grown up themselves? While it's always a kind gesture to leave the front lights on and hand out...

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Halloween Party Hosting Essentials

Trick-or-treating may be for the kids, but Halloween parties are multi-generational - and sometimes parents-only - affairs. If you're thinking of throwing a big to-do this October 31 or on the weekends...

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Highlighting Nature In Your Interior Decor

Looking to commune a bit more with nature - even while you're inside? While plenty of houses tend to lean toward either rustic or modern decor, the majority of homeowners keep their interior design situated...

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Make The Green Leap In Your Kitchen This October

The best season to go green in your kitchen is always the current one. Eco-friendly initiatives are more than just trending Twitter topics and all the rage for blog posts - it's an essential part of...

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