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Inspiration And Cottage Elements Combine In Shabby Chic Decor

Shabby and chic may seem like a contraction in terms, but in the decorating world it's known as a unique style of design that's one part cottage, one part country and many parts individual inspiration. In...

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Farmhouse Style Can Be Both Modern And Traditional

People don't have to live in farmhouses to appreciate the open, airy atmosphere and cottage-style decor that characterize this design style. They may find that combining some rustic elements and...

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Simple Decor May Bring Out A Home's True Character

Michigan homeowner Alli Michelle and her husband wanted to keep their home simple, but with a look that would stand out as unique among many houses in their neighborhood that tended to look alike. They...

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Large Living Rooms Don't Have To Be Stuffy To Have Classic Style

Achieving the right balance is particularly important in a large room . If there's too much space between furniture pieces, the room will have a chilly atmosphere. Push furnishings too close and the look...

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Think Outside The Box To Come Up With Unique Home Decor

Interior designer Melissa Alvarado Sierra once attached wallpaper in a patchwork print to a closet door. It not only tied into the colors elsewhere in the room, but created an instant focal point in an...

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