WHMA-120-0205 reviewed by Scott S. of Loveland, CO

The talk of the neighborhood

Loveland, Colorado - Feb 2017 After several good snow storms - as much as 10-inches - we have the following observations; 1. The auto sensors work great - the mats turn on and are working as the snow falls eliminating build up. 2. We made some max temp adjustments and have settled on 60-degrees F. 3. Blowing snow is tricky - you have to manually run the system since the moisture sensor on the eaves does not "see" falling snow and the heat does not turn on automatically. Not a huge issue but if ignored the blowing snow can build up to quite a depth making he system work very hard to melt it. 4. The edges of the walk do not get warm enough to melt - the "clear area" is pretty much the limit of the mat. We have a pretty good mass of concrete but it does not warm enough to melt either edge - about 2-inches on each side. 5. It has been the talk of the neighborhood - everyone nosing around to see the installation and asking how it works. It definitely has eliminated the frozen spot at the front of our porch and had given peace of mind we won't have someone take a terrible spill on the ice. Thanks very much for that!

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Scott S. | Loveland, CO
February 01, 2017

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