ERT120-1.5x06 reviewed by Rick C. of JIM FALLS, WI

So far we are impressed! We installed this Envron Flex Roll

So far we are impressed! We installed this Envron Flex Roll in an over-sized bathroom/walk in closet in our cabin in Northern Wisconsin. We haven't weathered a full winter with it yet, but we've experienced an early Fall and have several weekend long opportunities to try it out with nighttime temperatures dropping into the mid-20's (F). I have to say we absolutely love this floor. It is installed over 1/4" cork under-layment with a floating wood (not laminate) floor on top of it. Every time we walk in that room we are reminded that we should have put this product throughout the entire upper level of the cabin as well as in several locations in our main home. It's a wonderful feeling to have that warmth under your feet. I guess the real reminder occurs when you leave that room, entering the larger bedroom which has the same flooring (unheated). It's pretty close to having me take the unheated portion of the floor back up, install the WarmlyYours floor and put it back down. (Don't laugh... even though it's a 500 sq ft bedroom I just might do that as the floor floats and it could be done in a long weekend.) All in all... as I mentioned above... with the short time we've had this floor... we love it and would do it again in a heartbeat! -A Satisfied Customer,

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October 25, 2018

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