ERT120-1.5x06 reviewed by Mellen I. of Salt Sprg Isl, BC

Easy to install, great customer service

I installed some Environ Flex rolls in our bathroom. After removing the tile and butting down 1/4 cork underlay, it was so easy to lay out the rolls. The flexibility of cutting them allowed me to use a 25"roll for three runs. All I did was watch the video on the thermostat and the install of the rolls. It saved me a ton of money. I now have a very toasty bathroom floor. I would highly reccomend the nSpire Touch thermostat. For the extra money you can customize the settings to your specific flooring material. Pauline was most helpful through the whole ordering process. She got back to me right away. I will definately repeat.

Item Reviewed:
Mellen I. | Salt Sprg Isl, BC
June 22, 2021

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