IP-0250-LV-WGR reviewed by Barbara R. of Columbus, NC

Lava Crystal

I'm a great fan of radiant heat. It's the next best thing to the sun. I use the WarmlyYours radiant wall panels throughout my house. I especially like this Lava Crystal panel. Although it was expensive, it has a beautiful crystal pattern design and it fits in perfectly with my living room decor. The heating unit, itself, is great. It maintains a consistent, comfortable warmth, evenly distributed throughout the large room. Unlike the convection heat immediately produced by the HVAC system which heats the air molecules and then quickly rises and cools, the radiant panel slowly warms the objects in my living room which, in turn, give off heat (thermal lag). I am extremely pleased with this unit.

Item Reviewed:
Lava Glass White Green 250W - 25″ X 20″

Barbara R. | Columbus, NC
February 09, 2022

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