ERT120-1.5x06 reviewed by Anonymous of Zionsville, IN

Great Product - Warm Floor!

Ordered 90’ roll operating at 240 Volts. Sales support on ordering was great, they provided a layout that I could prep the electrical and sensors location for during construction. Product arrived on-time. Contacted support during install for help with ohm meter check. Installation was easy and I highly recommend the single roll with one (1) power connection to your thermostat. I installed another floor heating system that needed six (6) pads with cables all running to the T stat and it took a lot more time. My installation was as follows: 3/4” T&G subfloor, 2mm foam underlayment, Environ Flex Roll heating pad, Pergo portfolio wetprotect 10mm flooring. I did have to notch out the subfloor for the temperature sensors, I put in a spare, and the power lead in wire that runs about half way into the foil at the start. Another area I had to notch the subfloor was at the termination or end of the roll. The heating cable terminates in a connector that needs to be notched. If you buy the underlayment from WarmlyYours you will notch that instead of subfloor. Performance: installed fall of 2022. Christmas 2022 saw temperatures of -10 degrees F for three days straight with 35MPH wind. Room was comfortable all the time! The product works and provides even heat throughout the floor. It is great to lay on when it is freezing outside! The room we installed it in has windows on three sides so it really takes the brunt of the winter weather. Thank you WarmlyYours for a great product!

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Anonymous | Zionsville, IN
December 29, 2022

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