TRT120-1.5x04 reviewed by Dellavalle L. of East Stroudsburg, PA

great as usual

i didn't have any source of heat in this room. i chose to install a hot air line from my furnace. it wasn't that effective. then while ordering the new floor mats for my next house remodel 3 bathroom floors. i decided to just do it in my dining room too. this meant remove the dining room table etc. remove the LVL floor. under the flooring was a hand written note from the original builder. that was a cool find. i installed the mat ran all the wiring and then poured the floor leveler on top which was the most important thing as i someday may tile this floor. but i went and installed life proof flooring on top and man. Thanksgiving was so comfy and pleasant in the dining room. the time it tommy to install was about 5 hours and the flooring took a day with all the molding's etc. The comfort you get from radiant heating is priceless in my head

Item Reviewed:
Dellavalle L. | East Stroudsburg, PA
November 24, 2023

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