Customer Reviews for Waterproof Outdoor Thermostat for Pipe Freeze Protection or Roof and Gutter Deicing Systems

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So glad I went with WarmlyYours

I was slow to decide on a company to help me with my metal roof deicing project. I had a budget I needed to stay under. I wanted to do the work myself including the Electrical (my Dad is an electrician retired but would help). I decided on WarmlyYours because they had the best help video's, and staff to help plan and install my project. I didn't think I would get it up and running this year because of my late start. A slow start to winter let me get one leg of a two leg plan done up and running. Now we finally have snow and my one leg works great. This spring laying out the other leg will be easy (and warmer) this spring.

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William M. | Three Lakes, WI
January 09, 2024

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Amazing Products and Customer Service

I have been a customer with WarmlyYours for about a year now, and i wanted to compliment the amazing products and customer service. Customer Service Representative, Troy, has been so helpful and prompt, it makes ordering a breeze

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Anna H. | Elburn, IL
September 24, 2021

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