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Ice Shield: DIY Roof and Gutter Deicing Kit (60’)

Product Details:

One of the leading causes of roof and gutter damage is degradation caused by the formation of ice dams during winter. These harmful accumulations can wreak havoc on your roof or gutters, leading to leaks, loss of property value, and even costly replacements.

Save yourself the headache by installing a DIY-friendly Ice Shield: Roof and Gutter Deicing Kit from WarmlyYours. The 120 V constant-wattage (5 watts per linear foot) heating cables will prevent damage to your roof and gutters all winter long. These kits include everything you’ll need for an easy and safe installation.


·      Recommended for small projects. Example: 12’ gutter with roof overhang coverage and a 10’ downspout

·      Includes: heating cable, clips, and spacers

·      DIY-friendly with plug-in operation (no additional controls required)

·      5 watts per linear foot (constant wattage) 

·      Safe: cCSAus listed