Towel Bar Accessory (Flat, Polished Finish)

Towel Bar Accessory (Flat, Polished Finish)


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LAVA® Radiant Panels Description

Turn your LAVA® radiant panel into a towel warmer with this flat towel bar accessory.

  • Available for LAVA® panels
  • Two bars are permitted for 250- and 500-watt units; three bars are permitted for 750-watt units; and four bars are permitted for 1,000-watt units
  • Polished stainless steel finish
  • Comes with mounting hardware


Product Dimensions

Length 2′2″
Width 4″


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308021856


Voltage 120 VAC

Customer Questions & Answers

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How do you keep a sunroom warm in the winter?

Sunrooms can be very cold during the winter months. While a furnace may push some warm air into the room, the large number of windows, exterior walls, and other causes of heat loss in a sunroom will typically keep it from having a comfortable temperature level. Floor heating and radiant panels will add radiant heat, which the human body absorbs faster than other forms of heat, to the room so that it feels warm even at lower temperatures.

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How far from the radiant panel will the heat substantially radiate and where should it be aimed?

Radiant heat travels through air, and typically heats up objects closer to the panel first and then the rest of the room later. Infrared heating from the panel can be easily detected from about 3-4 feet. Ideally, the radiant panel should be aimed onto the area with more use, since that will be the surface that will warm up first.

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What should I do if my LAVA panel is making a buzzing sound when on?

Verify that the mounting bolts are fully tightened on the rail. If not, tighten them until snug. If bolts are tight, look behind the LAVA and check to see if the rail is touching the rear of the enclosure.  If it is—that is the cause of the sound. Solution: Take some felt, and attach it in between the rail and enclosure.

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Can I mount LAVA unit in a recessed area in the wall?

We recommend a 3/4" edge joint/space perimeter around the glass for air circulation and easier installation. Furthermore, no flammable materials may be used around the LAVA. It's required by UL that the “On/Off” switch must be operable and visible. Please check with your local electrical code prior to installing your Lava panel for restrictions on placement.

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Is there a concern with children touching the panels if they get too hot?

Radiant panels using infrared heating can get very hot on the surface (up to 275ºF). For safety, it is recommended that your infrared heating system be mounted out of the reach of children.

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