24ʺ Brushed Towel Holder Bar for Ember Radiant Heating Panels (Excludes IP-EM-FLX-WHT-0300-CW)

24ʺ Brushed Towel Holder Bar for Ember Radiant Heating Panels (Excludes IP-EM-FLX-WHT-0300-CW)

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  • Helps turn an Ember infrared heating panel into a towel warmer too

  • Comes with an attractive brushed finish

  • Compatible with all portrait-oriented Ember radiant panels except the 35” x 12” Ember Flex Panel

  • Up to two towel bars can be installed per Ember radiant panel

  • Made of durable and rustproof aluminum


If you’re looking to add some warmth to your bathroom with the added function of warming your towels at the same time, look no further than flat towel bars for Ember radiant panels.

This towel bar is made of anodized aluminum with a brushed finish which is attractive, easy to clean, and it helps disguise any accidental scratches. Anodizing the aluminum also makes the accessory even more durable and rustproof.

The Ember panel must be wall-mounted with a portrait orientation (with the longest dimension installed vertically) to work with these accessories. Up to two towel bars can be installed per Ember radiant panel. To keep installation simple, the towel bars can be quickly and easily attached to holes located on the backside of the vertically mounted panel. For 47” x 24" models the 2 mounting points are 16 3/4” from top and bottom of the panel. For 35” x 24" models, the 2 mounting points are 9” from the bottom and top of the panel.

Once the bars are secure, the comfort of toasty warm towels is only minutes away!

This accessory works with all Ember radiant heating panels excluding the 35” x 12” Ember Flex Panel (IP-EM-FLX-WHT-0300-CW).



Color Metallic
Material Brushed anodized rustproof aluminum


Country of Origin (COO) China


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308042493

Customer Questions & Answers

Ember Towel Warmer Bar has 11 Questions and Answers.

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How hot is the infrared heating system when in use?

The heater is very hot during use (up to 120° C or 248° F).

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How do you keep a sunroom warm in the winter?

Sunrooms can be very cold during the winter months. While a furnace may push some warm air into the room, the large number of windows, exterior walls, and other causes of heat loss in a sunroom will typically keep it from having a comfortable temperature level. Floor heating and radiant panels will add radiant heat, which the human body absorbs faster than other forms of heat, to the room so that it feels warm even at lower temperatures.

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Do you have a calculator for monthly radiant panel heating cost?

We do not have a Radiant Panels Running Cost Calculator.  However, this can be determined easily by taking the panel’s wattage, dividing it by 1000, and then multiplying the result by the local kW/hr cost – then take this hourly cost and multiple by 730 hours to get a monthly estimate.

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Where is the on/off button for an Ember radiant heating panel?

There is no on/off button. If you're using your dual connection Ember radiant panel in the plug-in configuration, it can be unplugged when not in use or paired with compatible plug-in control devices like a timer. If you've elected to convert your dual connection radiant panel to a hardwired connection, the radiant panel should be wired to a hardwired control option like a switch, a hardwired timer, or a hardwired thermostat.

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Are the Ember radiant panels in compliance with International Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) standards?


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Customer Reviews

Ember Towel Warmer Bar achieved an average rating of 4.3 stars with 3 reviews by our customers.

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Shipping issues

Shawn H., London, ON on 03/16/2021

I ordered this product and quickly received shipment of not one but 2 heated panels both were white glass and the plug in versions problem was I ordered ONE mirror hardwired version, It took many calls texts and emails to get sorted out and after 4 weeks I finally got another shipment This time it was a mirror but it WAS NOT a hardwired version, After consulting my electrician and WarmlyYours tech support I decided to keep it and cut off the plug to wire it directly, Throughout this somewhat frustrating transaction the salesman Troy Barton was extremly helpful prompt and pleasant to deal with. The problems with wrong product shipment were elsewhere in the supply chain. Mirror is not installed yet but seems very well made.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Shawn, we apologize for the original shipment issue. Our current version of Ember panels are dual connection, meaning they can be used “as is” to plug into a standard 120 VAC outlet or they can be modified by a licensed electrician to have a hardwired 120 VAC electrical connection.

Works well but takes time to warm up

Larry M., Durham, NC on 02/15/2021

Our panel is lovely and fits the space well. Once fully warmed, it generates sufficient heat but takes nearly 20 minutes to get to full intensity. So, we have to remember to turn it on well before showering. That’s our only complaint. The towel bar is somewhat flimsy and could have been better designed both functionally and aesthetically. We can't use the programmability function because we don't shower or bathe on a regular schedule as we are retired. We do find the Wi-Fi control to be very handy because when I'm getting off the golf course I can turn it on so it's nice and warm by the time I gets home. The product is very novel, and when I tell people that I have a radiant panel in my house in my bathroom when people visit they actually want to see it.

great accessory

Amy K., Chicago, IL on 01/30/2019

The panel can fit two bars. We chose just one and love it! We put the bar on the lower slot so that the towels do not block the panel. The panel does a great job warming the bathroom and the towels are warm!

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