TempZone™ Custom Mats Reviews

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TempZone Mat Custom Single 120V - 8.2A - 64 sq.ft. - 10 ft. Cold Lead

Worth every penny!

Chris D. | Cloudcroft, NM

I’m a DIY retired surgeon. Over the years I’ve tiled entire bathrooms, kitchens, rec rooms, laundry and utility rooms maybe 40 times. I’ve done three heated floors, twice with WarmlyYours products. This go around I used the WY Custom Matt offering which is not well represented on their website. The Matt material looks and feels like landscape fabric. The heating wires are sandwiched between a layer of fabric on each side. The Matt is cut according to the precise floor plan that you provide. My floor plan had a number of corners, etc so I felt the custom mat was going to be easiest to install. Only one hint to share . Use ALOT of thin set between the mat and tile. Otherwise the tiles will seat on top of the wires and you will have issues with tiles teeter tottering on the wire and even after the thin set cures there can be enough movement still on the tile that your grout will pop out. This is tough to remedy later since you run the risk of damaging the wires if you try to pull up tile that is stuck to the mat. The toothed trowel bumps ove the wires as you spread the thin set creating an uneven bed of thin set. The day they come up with a mat that has a consistent thickness they will have a true winner.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Thank you for your review. Over the years, one of the most requested features for a floor heating product has been "the thinner the better". Because of that, we have made the custom mats as thin as we can. The mat is approximately 1/8" thick. To reduce the height of the mat, it is important to use a 1/4" x 1/4", or similar, square notched trowel to adhere the mat to the subfloor. Use just enough thinset to get the non-woven mesh to make solid contact with the subfloor. With this thin layer of thinset, we have had excellent results, with limited impact to the floor height.

November 01, 2022

Great product

Brian T. | North Saanich, BC

The product was very easy to install. If there is one glitch it is the electrical connection inside the mat. While the mat is only 1/8 inch which I love the connection is double that. I am doing the tiling tomorrow so we see if it has any bearing on the tile install. I will definitely use this product again.

Response from WarmlyYours:

Hi Brian, Thank you for the kind review. To address your concern, while the splice is thicker than the majority of the mat/wire, this thickness difference is typically balanced out by the mortar coverings and should not affect the final floor height level. If you are concerned it may present a height issue, then it is suggested to cut, or chip, a recessed notch in the floor. Please let me know how it goes. Julia Billen (Owner)

September 17, 2021
TempZone Mat Custom Single 120V, 54.6 sq.ft. - 11′ Cold Lead

Excellent product and customer service


Excellent product and customer service. Second to none.

December 27, 2016