TempZone™ 3-Watt Floor Heating Cable with Strips Reviews

Caring staff

Anonymous | Mt Pleasant, IA

They verified my order before I ordered the products so i got what I needed. Speedy delivery as well

June 02, 2022


John W. | Glendale, AZ

I had no experience installing electric radiant heating in a concrete slab, but with great advice and excellent install instructions I was able to install the cable, connect the thermostat and the system worked first time. The WarmlyYours team made it all possible by providing a drawing of where the heating cable is to be routed and all other installation instructions. Even when I made changes the WarmlyYours team quickly provided updated drawings and instructions. There is no better place to go for electric floor heating than WarmlyYours.

December 29, 2021

Floor heating for mudroom, kitchen and livingroom

Stefanie | Orillia, ON

I love the floor heating from warmlyyours. It was easy to install, the thermostat is easy to handle and overall service from the sales team was excellent. Promptly responded when I had any questions. Lots of information was available over the internet. As well I liked the fact that a technical team send me an email asking me if I needed any help before I even started the project. Instruction how to install are clear and easy to read. I would have loved to give them a 5 star rating but can only give a 4 star as we were a little confused regarding the length of the cables we needed. The drawing and actual size did not match. But Troy and his team were eager and fast to fix the problem. We tried to figure out how much cable we need for each room but the instruction " how to figure it out was really difficult for myself and my contractor who deals mostly with Nuheat ( with them you get a cable/ squarefoot table to see how much you need. I know that it varies but it gives you a better idea ) My contractor loved the little gadget which was send with the order to check if the cable is properly connected. But I thought it was overkill to send me the same gadget for each room . One would have done it and we would have saved a little money and waste. We used an master electrician to connect the system to make sure everything is done in order. Overall I would highly recommend the product. So far so good it works like a charm and it seems to put out the heat we need to be toasty. Thanks WarmlyYours :)))))))))

December 06, 2021

Very satisfying experience

Luc C. | Quebec, QC

The complete drawing supplyed is complete and contained all information needed for the DIY installation that i made. The installation was easy and the material included in the kit fitted very well. This system was replacing another one and by instaling as per the recommandation the new system is more powerfull and heat-up more rapidely than the older one. They follow up after the installation, good service. Very good experience, i look forward to make another installation with this company

October 03, 2021

Easy system to use

Mad C. | Guelph, ON

I've used WarmlyYours for many years. The system is so easy to use and quick to install. It has worked well with all my clients.

July 29, 2021

Excellent service and support

Amit V. | Lake Zurich, IL

Couldn't have asked for better service. Jennifer worked with me on my project, right from the very first quote and while a lot of things changed through the course of the project, I had excellent support all along, accommodating all the changes and providing prompt support all along. Even with returns that I had to make unfortunately, Jennifer and the team were fully understanding and prompt with the transactions. One of those rare companies that seem to value customer satisfaction more than just making money on each customer in the short run. I plan to install heating in other rooms in the near future and I will undoubtedly make the first call to Jennifer at WarmlyYours.

July 21, 2021
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Electrical Rough-In Part 3″ x 2ʺ x 3 1/2″ Single Gang Box

Great Service and Support

Anonymous | Westfield, NJ

Great support, price and outstanding documentation including installation guide (visual and instructions).

June 23, 2021

Customer service was incredible. Technical support was incred

Stewart I. | Hudson, NH

Customer service was incredible. Technical support was incredible. Only complaint was that I'm still waiting for a refund 1 month after a return. Overall, a good company and a good product.

June 07, 2021

WarmlyYours-The name says it all

Larry S. | Granby, CT

Outstanding! WarmlyYours.com has an excellent website. Qualified personnel assisted on the telephone. Ordering was easy and product arrived as promised. Installation instructions are excellent and the product is very easy to work with. The most important is - yes the floors are warm.

June 05, 2021
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Electrical Rough-In Part 3″ x 2ʺ x 3 1/2″ Single Gang Box

Excellent customer service, very fair pricing and nice system

Matt H. | Pittsburgh, PA

I was very hesitant at first to use this system because of past problems with other electric floor heat systems. But my sales rep Mary was exceptionally helpful and accessible by phone and email. She guided me and answered all my questions efficiently. She also helped me redesign the wiring layout quickly and effectively due to some changes in our layout. I'm very happy with this system and will definitely use the WarmlyYours Floor system again on my next project.

May 16, 2021

clumsy but do the job

Electrilight L. | Oakville, ON

certainly not the best method, but cost effective and work as anticipated

May 01, 2021

WarmlyYours is the recommended flagship for customer service

Electrilight L. | Oakville, ON

There are so many companies who do OK for customer service, but WarmlyYours goes above and beyond the traditional found today. Their products are great and customizable, warranty very honourable, shipping has many options for price and speed. Been my "go to" floor heating company for 4+ years

May 01, 2021

A Fantastic Company to deal with!

Elio C. | Mnt Pleasant, ON

I ordered the TempZone Cable package. The sales representatives name was Troy. He answered all my questions prior to placing the order and even suggested additional install advice. The complete packaged arrived with 2 days. No parts were missing or damaged. Installation was a breeze. I consider myself a somewhat handy man and found the install instructions to be 100% beneficial and easy to follow. The heated floor package was to be installed in my ensuite washroom which would then be covered with self leveler followed with ceramic flooring. Though there is a ¾ inch transition from the bedroom to the washroom, we had carpet installed in the bedroom and so the transition from each room is hardly noticeable. Both my wife and I are enjoying the heated ensuite. I would certainly recommend this product and company.

April 21, 2021

Works perfectly

Jean P. | Hudson, QC

Finished the installation yesterday with nSpire Touch Thermostat and TempZone Cable. These are quality products, documentation is extremely well done and people at WarmlyYours are there to help. I am very satisfied with this purchase, will use again in the future and I definitely recommend it.

April 15, 2021

Pedro was a great help - design turn around was quick and ver

Robert A. | Los Gatos, CA

Pedro was a great help - design turn around was quick and very detailed. Thank you.

February 15, 2021

Warm floors

Anonymous | Milton, WA

I am enjoying my new warm floors definitely helps during the colder months

February 15, 2021

Guest room make-over

Jennifer M. | Telluride, CO

The customer service was awesome. We were able to get the right amount of electrical wire for the square footage of the room, the correct type of thermostat & confirm the overall voltage of the system to make sure we didn't overload the circuit which had a blower heater. They were also able to recommend underlayment for our slab in CO (brrr without insulation). Thank you for a great product.

February 15, 2021

Good service. Very responsive and helpful sales team.. Happy with product

Anonymous | Courtenay, BC

Overall i am satisfied with the product and service. I have installed and it is working . Even Better if: Better guidance in the installation guide on self levelling concrete. This stage in the process gets one or two lines in the guide. Actually it was challenging and fairly expensive. I had about 400 square feet and it required about 22 50 lb sacks of concrete, three men and a day of effort to pour. I hadnt budgeted for this level of effort. The guide instructs that wires be a minimum of three inches apart but given length sent this separation was difficult to achieve and also i counted the separation units used in the cable guide in the instruction video and followed this and this was very tight and difficult to achieve separation on long cable runs

February 15, 2021

Love my heated floors

Matthew G. | Westland, MI

Love my heated floors. I live in the Northern part of the country where winter is cold. Our ceramic floors would be too cold with out them being warm by the wonderful products I get from WarmlyYours floors.

February 15, 2021

Excellent product

Hernan E. | Vaudreuil, QC

Product worked as expected and the customer service is fantastic. I just needed the cable but they called me to confirm that I was not missing any items for my project.

February 15, 2021

Over all good experience

Howard L. | Hackensack, MN

Product was good. Technical advise very good. Over all good experience.

February 15, 2021

Straight forward install

Gord A. | Port Severn, ON

The design plan and instructions were easy to follow.

February 15, 2021

I was a little skeptical about putting electric floor heating

Robin S. | Tabernash, CO

I was a little skeptical about putting electric floor heating in, especially when it said that it is not to be the main heating. Everything was so easy, and we had it installed in two days! The electricity went out one evening, and my renters said it got so cold, and that the floor heating really made a difference. WarmlyYours made ordering easy! Everything we needed was there! Glad we did it through WarmlyYours and not trying to figure it out on our own. Thanks so much!

Response from WarmlyYours:

Thank you for your review Robin. Our heating systems can be used as the main heating system for the room or even the entire home as mine is and I live in Illinois :). Happy to see that your renters were able to stay nice and warm.

February 15, 2021

Master Bath heated floor

Keith B. | Littleton, CO

We are very happy with our WarmlyYours heated floor. The WarmlyYours Staff was very easy to work with and helpful! The installation was fairly easy and it works beautifully! Love it!!! We have a heated floor on our main level of the house from another company. It was very expensive, and parts have stopped working. Our new WarmlyYours floor was installed by my husband and works great so far!!! Highly recommend.

February 15, 2021