Towels on towel warmer not heating to expectations


Towel warmer does not get towels as warm as expected.

This is not a bulletin for a non-heating towel warmer.

1.  Verify proper specs of the towel warmer.  
Test the ohms of the unit to verify that it is at approximately 90-100 ohms.  Verify that there is at least 110 volts present into and out of the timer.  If the ohms are too high, the warmer will feel cooler.  The lower the voltage, the cooler the unit.
If these values are within specs, the towel warmer is working as designed.
2.  Design restrictions of towel warmers.
There is a temperature limit for towel warmers.  According to UL499 testing protocol:  With a room temperature 77 degrees (25°C), place one towel on the frame.  The towel warmer should not exceed a maximum surface temperature of 158 degrees (70°C).  Meaning, according to UL restrictions, the towel warmer cannot be made to be any hotter.
3.  How to increase the temperature of the towel.
If a warmer towel is desired, try folding the towel over or unfold it to experiment, try a thicker towel  (traps more heat, resulting in higher surface temperatures), a different fabric (cotton vs. blends), leave the towel warmer on longer before the shower (thicker towel plus longer heating time), or place a second towel on the warmer to trap more heat.  
Keep in mind, the towel will at some point reach its maximum temperature on the towel rack.  If that time is an hour, leaving the warmer on all day will not raise the maximum temperature of that towel or warmer, but if you would like to experiment, that's OK, too.   
4.  Towel cools off too fast after it's taken off of the rail.
If a towel cools off too soon after removing it from the warmer, try a differently-constructed towel.  The warmer has NO affect on the heat loss of the particular towel after it is removed from the warmer.
5.  One can leave the towel warmer on all day.  If doing so, observe the towels on the warmer every couple of hours the first day or two to verify that the towels do not become discolored or scorched by leaving the warmer on all day.
6.  There is a 2 towel maximum for the towel warmer.

Written by Scott Rosenbaum
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