Snow Melt Embeddable Attachment Grid for Pavers and Existing Concrete Surfaces (3' x 50')

Part Number: SMG-U350
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Common Support Questions

Never cut the heating cable. A heating cable will not work if it has been cut. If the heating cable is too long, call WarmlyYours to consult with a technician who will guide you in utilizing the additional length of cable.

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When installing outdoor WarmlyYours snow melting cables for your driveway, patio, walkway, terrace, stairs, ramp, etc. - NEVER cross, overlap, or allow the heating cables to touch each other. Doing so will quickly cause a circuit failure due to excessive heat build up. Always follow the installation instructions and/or design layout plan to ensure the cable is installed with the correct spacing required for proper operation.


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This National Electric Code (NEC) required protection for fixed outdoor deicing and snow-melting equipment may be accomplished by using circuit breakers equipped with ground-fault equipment protection (GFEP) of 30 mA. It is important to understand that this required equipment protection is not the same as a 5 mA GFCI used for personal protection.


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If a cable is damaged during installation, recheck the system for continuity and confirm the integrity of the insulation with a megohmmeter, or "megger" tester, referring to the installation and testing instructions. If the cable fails any of these tests, take the following actions: clear a 3 foot square working area around the damaged section of cable, and record the cable part number from the UL tag and the location where you purchased the product. Call WarmlyYours with the above information. WarmlyYours will provide further assistance and supply a splice kit suitable for repairing the particular cable.

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Yes. After the snow melting cable is installed, ensure that a minimum of 1.5" (Max 3") of non-combustible medium (concrete, mortar, stone) is placed on top.

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Yes, your contractor would need to remove the existing tiles (if present) from the staircase and flatten the surface prior to installing the grid.

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The grid could be attached with concrete screws and washers.

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Cut a slit in the area of the lift or distortion to flatten it out.

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It is recommended to install a screw every 1 sq ft to ensure the grid does not shift or distort when the heating cable is installed.

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It is easiest to start on one end of the grid and pull the grid tight as you go working the way across.

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Yes, it is important to ensure the grid is stretched taut in the same direction as the snow melting cable.

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Publications and Manuals



Compatible Surfaces Can be embedded on top of existing concrete surfaces or under pavers, bluestone, or tile
Creep Limited Strength 795 lbs/ft (ASTM D 5262)
Long Term Design Strength 688 lbs/ft (NCMA 97)
Ultimate Strain at Failure 14.4% (ASTM D 4595)
Ultimate Strength 1,200 lbs/ft (ASTM D 6637)

Product Dimensions

Coverage 150
Grid Size 1″ x 1″
Length 50′
Width 3′


Material Polyester yarns coated with PVC


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308071592



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