An Interview with Mrs. Andries



Ice and snow on sidewalks can be an inconvenience, but oftentimes they can become incredibly dangerous hazards. Just ask Mrs. Andries, of Deerfield, Illinois, who fell and broke a disc in her back after slipping on her icy stairs. After installing her snow melting system on those stairs, though, she's now protected, no matter what the weather conditions. With this electric radiant heating system, she can now prevent snow and ice from ever forming on her stairs. When snow falls now, Mrs. Andries can rest easy. See how an electric radiant ice and snow melting system can save you from weather-related injuries, too.

Video Transcript

On February 23rd of 2010, I walked out to get the paper and I fell on my icy stairs, up the stairs, and broke a disc in my back. It was very painful and I went through a long rehab and I am fine and do exercises every day. But very soon after that, Don, my husband saw the story in the Tribune about 'Warmly Yours' and it was about your business and about what you can do and what can be done in this climate.

Try to get out of your out of your way.

No, she is the owner of the company that put in the snow melting, deicing system. Because this is all heated.

Oh, that’s why there is no ice on it ever.

That's right. How do you like that?

I do, I wish everybody, get everybody here.

Tell the neighbors.

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