WarmlyYours TempZone Custom Mat Installation Guide

Installing Custom-Shaped Electric Heated Floors


Radiant heated floors are a luxurious and inviting addition to any home—and they are relatively easy to install. Watch as Phil Green from EdgeStripKits.com installs TempZone Custom Mats from WarmlyYours in a bathroom. Follow as he uses circuit checks to make sure the electric radiant heated floor installation goes smoothly.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Phil.

Today we're getting an opportunity to install a WarmlyYours custom mat.

It comes with our thermostat. It comes with a circuit check and it also comes with a schematic for the layout.

The first step: What we want to do is test fit it before we do a thin setting. Very simple. It's going to go right to the front of our shower right through our floor register.

Our electrician gave us 2 conduit leads. One will be for our cold leads from the mat so we'll fish that up there. The second one will be for our floor sensor.

We make sure we install a floor sensor same time that we install the mat.

We'll be bringing the sensor around here and get it in between one of these loops. We'll get it underneath the mat, make sure that it doesn't touch any of the wires.

OK, now that we have our cold leads up here, we're hooking up our circuit check.

If you hear that noise whatsoever throughout any part of the installation, time to stop. It means you compromised the wire. It's as simple as hooking up the 3 wires. Turning it on and no sound is good news.

OK. The next part of this project we roll back our mat. We're going to install our thin strip so use the mat side with your trowel.

We'll roll our wire into our mat. Make sure it's nice and straight. Use the flat side-the backside-of the trowel to embed it.

OK, we installed our floor sensor here between the loop. Now, we'll be able to just fish this wire back through set it all in the thin set and again embed the mat.

OK, after we've embedded the mat we're going to actually encapsulate everything with a skim coat of thin set. We'll allow this to dry and then we'll be able to tile tomorrow.

OK, we're back here on our second day now. Our thin set has completely dried. We've got a nice flat surface here to install our porcelain tile.

Our floor heat system's completely encapsulated. No way to damage it during the tile stage. 

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