Project Showcase Snow Melting System Installation for Tire Track Heated Driveway in Lindenhurst, Illinois

This video highlights a Snow Melt System SmartInstall for a paver heated driveway and walkway in Lindenhurst, Illinois. These systems warm outdoor surfaces to prevent snow and ice buildup during winter. The system was installed by our local SmartServices team.

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This project included two main areas: a Driveway and Walkway.

The paver driveway is designed with a tire track layout to help reduce the amount of product needed and the electrical cost for heating the surface. The customized tire track layout accommodates both paths to each garage door opening. The installation for this layout was made easier with our snow melt cables, allowing for more design flexibility. The snow melt cable is secured to the grid with zip ties every foot to keep the system in place.

The paver walkway leads from the driveway up to the landing of the front door. Because the layout was simpler for this area, our snow melt mats were used during installation to save time. Much like the cable, the mats were secured to the grid underlayment.

Once the cable and mats are in place, a layer of sand was used to embed the system completely. On top of the sand layer, pavers were carefully installed for the final surface. After the system and controls are connected, the system is ready to use.

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