Tech Tips: Wiring a Floor Sensor to a Thermostat

Wiring a Floor Sensor to a Thermostat


When you’re installing a heated floor system, it’s essential to wire it to a thermostat in order for it to work properly. In this video, check out tips for how to do just that. With heated floors, you can either program the thermostat to begin the heating process at certain times, or you can use a floor sensor to aid the process, which detects when the floor is getting cold and responds accordingly. Imagine waking up in the winter and setting foot on floors that aren’t cold and uncomfortable—with WarmlyYours heated floor systems, you can have just that!

Video Transcript

Today we're going to talk about hooking up the thermostat sensor to our thermostat. You look on the back of the thermostat you've got 4 wires coming into the back. These 2 wires are the wires that come from the circuit breaker. These 2 wires are the wires that go to the heating system in the floor. We're not worried about these connections today. What we're worried about are the connections for the thermostat sensor.

These connections are made behind the face plate of the unit and they're made down here on this little wiring terminal block here. These thermostats need to go into pins 1 and 2, number 3 is not used. If you look at the back or the sensor, you have 2 wires coming from the sensor and it needs to go into 1 and 2. To get the wire in there though, you're going to need to bring it in through these little holes in the base and these little holes will allow you to get the wire into section 1 and 2, or terminal 1 and 2, so you can make your connection there.

The thermostat comes with a small screwdriver and the screwdriver in the thermostat box is to do this exact thing. That way you have your connection made for your thermostat. You then pull the sensor wire out and that will allow you to put the face plate of the thermostat back on and you're ready for business.

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