TempZone Easy Mats: Electric Floor Heating for Tile, Stone and Nailed Hardwood

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TempZone™ Easy Mats have achieved an average rating of 4 stars having been reviewed 53 times by our customers.

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Great time saver

This was a great time saver. You just hooked it up and started to lay the heater element and then lay the tile. There was no going back and forth to check to see if you had an opening.

James P Lowe, Virginia Beach, VA
Apr 13, 2011

Love the product. Installation is a breeze. Thanks

Love the product. Installation is a breeze. Thanks

Dan Macartney, Wilmington, Delaware
Jan 28, 2011

The circuit check devices are inferior quality. I can't remem

The circuit check devices are inferior quality. I can't remember the last time I used one that did not create aggravation. As simple as they are if they fall apart or require repairs...Its aggravating. This opinion is coming from 3 different installers. This is the weakest link with the entire installation.

John Graves, BALDWIN, NY
Jan 22, 2011

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for the input John. I have asked our Engineering Supervisor - Scott - to contact you to understand the "break down". We appreciate your help in making us better! - Julia Billen, President

Easy to install and use. Does everything you could possibly n

Easy to install and use. Does everything you could possibly need it to do.

Valerie Blanchard, Pittsgrove, NJ
Jan 20, 2011

Confidence to proceed

So much can go wrong during the install and my install was very drawn out with times when the heating circuits were exposed and in peril of being damaged. The circuit checkers allowed us the confidence to proceed with a project confidently with 1000s of dollars of tile and finish work to be performed after the heating element install, before the system could be given the ultimate installed test. Nice touch and I could not imagine the anguish that these devices could save a contractor or homeowner. Thankfully we enjoyed a textbook install but knowing of the existence of a problem the instant it occurs is a priceless feature.

Fred Dismuke, Macon, GA
Dec 18, 2010

Make Great Toys for Grandkids!

Like the noise these things make, like a Star Trek weapon. Seems a shame that they are only useful for a few seconds while checking the mat. I've collected quite a few from multiple installations and give them to my grandkids to play with.

Brian Fitzmaurice, SAN BRUNO, CA
Dec 16, 2010

It was nice to have

It was nice to have a cirduit check that would alert you if something went wrong. it never did go off and when an ohms check was made it checked the value was only about two tenths differen than what it was supposed to be.

Warner Lindsey, Birmingham, AL
Jun 28, 2010

Works perfectly

Works perfectly

Cain Poistano, Toronto, Ontario
May 19, 2010

great product

great product, tells you very quickly if something has gone wrong

Jeffery Tierney, PITTSBURGH, PA
Apr 26, 2010

Good tool but used ohm meter

A good tool, but I relied more on my ohm meter

Alan Johnston, Victoria, BC
Apr 22, 2010