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Cold mornings can be a challenge — the alarm clock rings, signaling that it's time to get out of your warm, cocoon-like bed, but you dread having to step foot onto the cold tile floor as you make your way to the shower. If your bathroom floor were warm and toasty, wouldn't mornings be just a little easier to embrace?

Make the dream a reality with heated floors from WarmlyYours. TempZone™ under-tile heating rolls are designed especially for installation under tile and stone to transform these naturally cold surfaces into soothing warm floor tiles. Installing warm tile flooring for bathrooms, kitchens or any other room combines the beauty of tile or stone with the luxury of barefoot comfort. With WarmlyYours warm tile flooring, you won't dread getting out of bed in the morning — at least not as much.

Easy Under Floor Installation & Faster Warm-Ups

TempZone™ Floor Heating Under Tile and Stone

TempZone™ radiant heating's low profile design, at just 1/8" thick, minimally impacts the height of your stone or tile flooring. A handy do-it-yourself homeowner or flooring professional can easily install this fiberglass, mesh-backed cable system under tile and stone floorings such as marble and slate. The tile heating cable is evenly spaced 2" apart in serpentine loops, generating a full 15 watts per square foot, greater than most competitive systems, which only generate 12 watts per square foot. So, you'll enjoy 25 percent more floor-heating capacity as well as faster warm-ups. And unlike conventional gas forced-air heating systems, electric radiant heating converts its energy into even, room-filing warmth.

Unique, Customizable Warm Tile Floor Design

TempZone™'s open mesh design helps to hold the heating cable in place during installation, allowing for easy customization in any room. The mesh is embedded in the layer of thinset cement used to lay tile and stone and will provide years of maintenance-free warmth. Install the mesh mats under your tile or stone flooring to make any room in your home a warm and cozy living space. WarmlyYours offers a variety of control options as well, which allows you to operate your floor-heating system efficiently. At just pennies a day to operate, heated tile flooring is a cost-effective way to manage your family's comfort.

WarmlyYours Signature Services Ensure a Reliable Installation

WarmlyYours engineers are ready to design a custom installation plan for your warm tile flooring project. And with same-day shipping, you'll be able to begin your project right away. Our on-staff floor-heating experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any technical questions you may have or to help troubleshoot your installation. WarmlyYours offers an industry-leading, 10-year No-Nonsense™ warranty, which covers parts, labor and the floor-covering material in the event of a manufacturer's defect. This ensures that your warm tile floor installation will be worry and stress free.