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Creating A Warm, Comfortable Basement With 4 Tips

Creating a Warm, Comfortable Basement With 4 Tips

How many times have you looked at your basement or den and told yourself you're going to turn it into a more habitable space? It can be difficult to do so if your basement is cold, dingy and outdated in regard to its decor. However, there are a few ways you can transform this living space into one you'll want to use with a little planning. Here are some tips to take into account, whether you want your basement to become a gaming room or a home theater.

1. Heat up the floors.
Radiant heat can do wonders in a space such as a den where you're likely having trouble getting the room to feel warm and comfortable. Because cold air sinks, your basement is naturally going to be difficult to heat. However, you can make it easier by installing radiant floor heating. This will keep your new living space toasty as well as comfortable to the touch.

2. Make lighting a priority.
If your basement is located well below ground, you likely don't have any windows to allow natural light to flow into the space. This can make the room feel dark and dingy, but there are ways you can prevent the problem from occurring. Bring in an ample amount of lighting fixtures to brighten the space and the overall atmosphere. More illumination can also make the area feel larger than it actually is.

3. Consider lowering the floor.
Although it can be costly, The Deseret News reports that it's possible to lower a basement floor in order to create more square footage and room for renovations. This might involve rearranging plumbing and wiring, but doing so can do wonders for a den that could use a facelift. In the end, you'll also have less trouble creating a homey atmosphere in a previously dark, dull space.

4. Opt for coziness.
If there's any room in your home that's challenging to create warmth and welcome, it's your underground basement. However, making coziness a top priority can help you pull together an interior in this space that makes people want to use it for years to come. Add personal touches such as souvenirs from past travels or framed photos of loved ones. It's these type of items that can create a basement that sings to the heart and appeals to the eye.

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