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Customer Touts Infinity as "Home Improvement" of the Year

Dear WarmlyYours,

I recently received in the mail my new Infinity towel warmer and wanted to write to you with a little bit of feedback.

First, it may not seem like a big deal to you but I’m sure I’m not the only person who has received a damaged product because of inadequate packaging. I was happy to see that it was double boxed, shrink wrapped, and all pieces and parts secured so they wouldn’t damage the unit.
There are a lot of things that I do really well but doing anything involving home improvement is not one of those. I normally let other people do that for me but in this case I decided to try my hand at it. Thanks to the well written instructions, it only took one hour to install the unit although I’m sure for somebody that is better with drills, screw drivers, and tape measures it would have taken a quarter of that time.

Infinity reviewI knew that I would normally want my towel warmer to work its magic when I wake up in the morning and since the directions said it is designed to be on for three hours before using the towel, I knew that the unit would have to be turned on around 3:30am so I went out and purchased a cheap timer that turns the warmer on while I sleep.

You wouldn’t think that something as simple as a towel warmer would be such a luxurious addition to a bathroom but it is. It’s one of those products that I wouldn’t normally think of adding to my bathroom but having it makes those cold mornings that much more bearable. If I have to go to work, I might as well enjoy my shower, right?

Thanks WarmlyYours! This product is definitely my home improvement of the year!


Tim Parker
Dayton, Ohio

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