Animals Enjoy Electric Floor Heating TooIf you own a pet you know that it becomes part of the family. You make sure that they get food and water, but when they are cold what do you do? Do you clothe them? Sure, some people do, but most people do not. Here is where our radiant floor heating comes into the picture.

ABC7 recently did a report on the rising trend to get health insurance and state-of-the-art devices for pets. One aspect they discussed was about using radiant heating for your pet's comfort. Cats and dogs naturally like to lie around where the sun shines in the windows. If radiant heat is your solution then they can (and probably will) lay anywhere on the floor.

In the story they talked about a new manufacturer of radiant heating for pets, but for the same cost of a dog bed you can add radiant heat to a new bathroom floor. I know which seems like the better choice to me. Shouldn't both you and your pet enjoy warm floors?

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