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Share Your Story: Toasty Toes even on Marble Floors

We love the stories we receive from you! We feel like we are an integral part of your project and, consequently, even a part of your home in a way. Our mission is to learn by listening to you, our valued customers, and discover how we can best serve you! With our “Share Your Story” program, we seek to receive feedback about our floor heating, comfort products, and services – and if you are chosen as our winner, you are awarded a feature in our Company Blog, Facebook, and Twitter, and $100!

We love when our customers contact us through this program to share their own personal story. Hearing back from a valued customer, enriches our work to offer the very best in products, services, tools, and education, here at WarmlyYours Radiant.

This month, our featured story is about the Rieger family. We received this great story from Stacy Rieger in New Jersey, USA! Take a look at her story of installing and enjoying our TempZone™ Cut & Turn Roll in their bathroom.


I would like to take a moment and share my story about my awesome radiant heat floor! First off, it was extremely easy to order, and it arrived very quickly. My husband found it easy to install, and our electrician hooked it up with absolutely no problem.

We knew that having floor heating was key to our comfort, especially because we were installing luxurious - but often cold - marble floors. After having our marble floors installed we were very eager to see how the floor heating worked!

We were very impressed that the floors heated up really fast, worked flawlessly. I can’t tell you how nice it is to wake up during the night, and feel a nice warm floor under your feet instead of cold marble! Also, getting out of the tub on a cold winter's night and stepping onto that toasty floor is simply awesome! I wish I knew about this company before I put the tile down in my other bathrooms! I tell all my friends that come over to go and check out our floor heating from WarmlyYours! I love it; I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel a little luxury in his or her home!

Thank you, WarmlyYours!

Tom and Stacy Rieger


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